We have a saying for a situation such as this, which is that it's...

difficult, difficult, lemon difficult.

A blog about technology - the difficult parts.  Here you will find ramblings on programming languages, robots, electronics, algorithms, embedded Linux, and all manner of "difficult" things.  If you enjoy matching parentheses in LISP, know SLAM can refer to something other than a collision, or just enjoy doing something difficult for the pleasure of finding things out, this blog may be for you.

And who am I?

Lemoneer #1 - Matthew Witherwax

Lemoneer - noun: One who will dedicate himself to making combustible lemons to burn your house down... or some other arduous task.

Unless noted otherwise, code posted on this blog is copyright © 2013 -2014 Matthew Witherwax and released under the BSD license.  If you find any of it useful, I would appreciate hearing from you.

All opinions expressed are my own and do not represent the views of my employer.

Welcome and Enjoy!